Welcome to Canna Meds Wellness Center!

Offering all hydroponic grown marijuana. We strive for award winning marijuana at a competative price. Grown in ideal environments. Free of molds, pests and harsh chemicals. Mailing assistance for your red card needs. Always high quality concentrates, bubble hash, and old school hashish

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Our Meds

As a Medical Marijuana Center our goal is to offer award winning, fully flushed, clean, and safe product for our consumers. We strive for consistantcy so you know what you get every time. All marijuana is grown hydroponically which is proven to grow a better quality product with a higher THC/CBD content.

Canna Meds

2363 N. academy Blvd Colorado Springs CO. 80909
We are located in a large, well lit, and safe shopping plaza. Our closest cross streets are Academy blvd. and Maizeland rd. Our store is clearly marked with large green crosses in the windows. We offer mailing assistance to help insure the proper paperwork goes to the state for your red card .

Our Product